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Karlheinz Meier

Dr. Karlheinz MeierFrom FACETS to the HBP – European Projects in Neuromorphic Computing
Karlheinz Meier, Ph.D.
Professor (Chair) Experimental Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Krichhoff-Institut fur Physik
Universitat Heidelberg

The European Commission has funded several projects to support research and development in neuromorphic computing during the last decade and has recently approvedĀ a 10 year roadmap for the field in the framework of the Human Brain Project. In the lecture I will review the original goals and the achievements to the current day. This includes the conceptual design of hardware architectures, their construction and operation, software tools for their operation as well as results obtained so far. I will then introduce the roadmap until 2023 and highlight the major development projects under way.