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We look forward to the following poster presentations at our upcoming conference. This list is updated weekly, so check back often.

Title: Accumulation versus propagation: coding dynamics in motion discrimination
Authors: Bryan C. Daniels, Jessica C. Flack, and David C. Krakauer

Title: A Peripheral Nerve Window For Chronic Imaging of the Sciatic Nerve in Rats
Authors: Anna Moldysz, S. Brodnick, M. Hayat, J. Novello, S. Kapur, T. Richner, K. Eliceiri, J. Williams, S. Poore

Title: A Self-Organizing Map Seeking Circuit for Visual Object Recognition
Author: Rohit Shukla

Title: A sorting network-based convex relaxation for semi-supervised seriation
Authors: Cong Han Lim, Stephen Wright

Title: Chronic in vivo Imaging of Sciatic Nerve via a Peripheral Nerve Window
Mohammed R. Hayat, Sarah K. Brodnick, Sahil Kapur, Kevin Eliceiri, Lisa Krugner-Higby, Samuel Poore, Justin C. Williams

Title: Comparing classification performance for two stimulus types with Bayesian statistics
Brad Postle, Joshua J. LaRocque

Title: Decoding Grapheme-Color Synesthesia using Multivariate Pattern Analysis
Authors: Radhika Gosavi, Emma Meyering, Nathan Rose, Edward Hubbard, and Bradley Postle

Title: Dose-response relationships in brain and behavioral measures with stroke rehabilitation using a brain-computer interface
Authors: Brittany M. Young, Zack Nigogosyan, Léo M. Walton, Alexander Remsik, Jie Song, Veena A. Nair, Mitchell E. Tyler, Dorothy F. Edwards, Kristin Caldera, Justin A. Sattin, Justin C. Williams, Vivek Prabhakaran

Title: Exploration of functional connectivity among spiketrains of thalamic and cortical neurons in absence epilepsy
Author: Mathew V. Jones

Title: Gaming Performance, Subject Engagement, and Functional Outcomes Using a aBrain-Computer Interface Device for Stroke Rehabilitation
Authors: Brittany M. Young, Zack Nigogosyan, Léo M. Walton, Alexander Remsik, Veena A. Nair, Jie Song, Mitchell E. Tyler, Dorothy F. Edwards, Kristin Caldera, Justin A. Sattin, Justin C. Williams, Vivek Prabhakaran

Title: Graphene brain sensors for neural imaging and optogenetic applications
Authors: Dong-Wook Park et al., Justin Williams, Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma

Title: High Throughput Computing: An Important Computational Approach for Neuroscience Research
Authors: Lauren A. Michael, Andy Pohl, Miron Livny

Title: Inferring brain activity through pairwise comparisons.
Authors: Urvashi Oswal, Christopher Cox, Timothy Rogers, Robert Nowak

Title: Iterative LASSO: An even-handed approach to whole brain MVPA
Authors: Christopher Cox, Qihong Lu, Timothy Rogers

Title: LARS Network Filtration in the Study of Brain Connectivity
Authors: Yuan Wang, Moo K. Chung, David R.W. Bachhuber, Stacey M. Schaefer, Carien M. van Reekum, Richard J. Davidson

Title: Measuring inter-relatedness of neural signals: Conditional Granger Causality and Partitioned Granger Causality
Authors: Sheida Malekpour, William Sethares

Title: Micro-electrocorticography Recordings and Optogenetic Stimulation through a Thinned Skull
Sarah K. Brodnick, Thomas J. Richner, Amelia A. Schendel, Sanitta Thongpang, Lisa Krugner-Higby, Justin C. Williams

Title: Modeling the columnar organization of the rodent sensory cortex using micro-Electrocorticograph (μECoG) data
Ricardo Pizarro, Tom Richner, Sarah Brodnick, Sanitta Thongpang, Beth Meyerand, Justin Williams, Barry Van Veen

Title: NEXT: Accelerating the Pace of Scientific Discovery
Chris Cox, Lalit Jain, April Murphy, Kevin Jamieson, Nick Glattard, Chris Fernandez, Rob Nowak, Tim Rogers

Title: Online Learning of Neural Network Structure from Spike Trains
Authors: Eric Hall, Rebecca Willett

Title: Resting-state Functional Connectivity Changes After Stroke Rehabilitation Using Closed Loop Neurofeedback
Authors: Veena A Nair, Brittany M Young, Zack Nigogosyan, Alex Remsick, Jie Song, Sonya Weber, Kayla Diffee, Leo Walton, Mitch Tyler, Justin Sattin, Dorothy F Edwards, Justin Williams, and Vivek Prabhakaran

Title: SOS LASSO: A new method for finding distributed representations in fMRI data
Authors: Christopher Cox, Nikhil Rao, Robert Nowak, Timothy Rogers

Title: Sparse Recovery of Hidden Nodes in Brain Networks
Authors: Prathusha K. Sarma, Barry D. Van Veen

Title: State-Space MVARX Models for TMS EEG Data
Authors: Jui-Yang Chang, Matteo Fecchio, Marcello Massimini, Barry Van Veen

Title: The evolution of integrated information – what small, adaptive neural networks can tell us about consciousness
Authors: Larissa Albantakis, Giulio Tononi

Title: To e or not to e in Poisson image reconstruction
Authors: Albert Oh, Zachary Harmany, Rebecca Willett

Title: Ultrastructural analysis of sleep deprived brain tissue using automated image segmentation
Authors: Kurt Weiss, Luisa De Vivo, Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli